Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Trump Announces Deal with Mexico on Migration, Says Tariffs Will Not Be Imposed

President Donald Trump dropped a threat to impose tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of Mexican goods entering the country if Mexico didn’t do more to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the nation’s southern border. The President made the announcement yesterday on Twitter. “I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America […]

Trump Drops Tariffs on Canada, Mexico Steel Imports to Ease Passage of Trade Deal

The Trump administration has agreed to lift tariffs on steel imports from Canada and Mexico, paving the way for a new trilateral trade deal to go through. President Trump made the announcement in remarks to the National Association of Retailers in Washington, D.C., Friday. “I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just reached an agreement with […]


Apple to Phase Out iTunes

Apple has announced the discontinuation of its music purchasing program iTunes. The announcement was made today at the company’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California. In lieu of Apple’s iconic music marketplace, the tech giant will break the program up into three distinct apps: Music, TV and Podcasts. Many of the changes Apple […]

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Today’s Clip – President Trump Arrives in Japan for Trade Talks