Fmr. Congressman: Bernie Sanders is the Reason South Florida Hispanics are Flocking to Trump

Former Florida Republican Congressman Chris Curbello is offering stark advice to the Joe Biden campaign: do not listen to Sen. …

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Bill O’Reilly on Awkward Fox News Moment: “The Rule is if You Invoke the Name George Soros, Then You’re Anti-Semitic

Former Fox …

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The U.S. Military Wanted to Use a Heat Ray to Clear Protesters from in Front of the White House

The U.S. Military was ready to use a “heat ray” to disperse a crowd in front of the White House in June, in anticipation of President Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square. The revelation was made by …

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Did Nashville City Officials Keep True Covid Infection Numbers From Becoming Public Because They Were Low?

Emails between the Nashville, TN, mayor’s office and the Metro Health Department reveal a discussion of the low number of Covid19 cases that could be traced back to that city’s bars and restaurants – and how to keep that information …

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Statue of Teddy Roosevelt in Front of NYC’s American Museum Of Natural History Dismantled

A statue of former President Teddy Roosevelt, which stood in front of NYC’s American Museum Of …

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Doctor Who Once Tweeted “You Know Fetuses Can’t Scream, Right?” Has Medical License Suspended

Dr. Leah N. Torres, a brash Alabama-based doctor who performs abortions, has had her medical license suspended by the state’s board of medical examiners.

Torres sparked backlash when …

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New York’s De Blasio Announces Weeklong Furlough for Mayor’s Office Staff, Including Himself

New York City’s beleaguered mayor, Bill de Blasio (D), has announced a mandatory weeklong furlough for his office staff.

The city is facing a $9 billion budget shortfall due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The policy will require all Mayor’s …

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“Cuties” Not the First Film Parents Have Demanded Netflix Remove – 2018 Film “Desire” Also Targeted for Being “Child Porn”

Cuties” is not the first film to cause an uproar with Netflix’s audiences. In 2018, The Parents Television Council, a media watchdog group, wrote to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and demanded the removal of the film “Desire” for

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