Republicans in Congress Say They Have Evidence the FBI Believed Laws Were Broken in the Clinton Email Case


Republicans in Congress say that for the first time they have documentary evidence that the FBI believed that laws were broken when former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and some of her aides, used a private email server to communicate classified information.  One of the pieces of evidence includes a FBI document that says the “sheer volume” of classified information that was transmitted through the server was proof of criminality.  There is also an admission of false statements made by a key witness in the case.

The name of the witness has not been revealed but he’s believed to be an employee of a technology firm that helped maintain Clinton’s server after she left office as Secretary of State.  That employee admitted that he permanently erased messages from the server in 2015 after they had been subpoenaed by Congress.

Investigators also say that the FBI reached a conclusion to exonerate Clinton while subpoenaed evidence was still outstanding and before agents had concluded interviewing more than a dozen witnesses.  According to lawmakers, the FBI has confirmed that the decision to charge or not charge Clinton was controlled by a small group in Washington rather than by field offices where the offenses took place, as is customary.

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