President Trump Touts Administration’s Accomplishments to US Farmers


President Trump told the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention that he has signed two executive orders expanding the reach of broadband internet access and to support broadband tower facilities in rural America on Monday.  “Those towers are going to go up and you are going to have great, great broadband,” the president said.

The president also told the convention that he was renegotiating NAFTA.  Many in the farm industry are anxious about the president’s views on NAFTA, which they view positively because it gives them access to foreign markets.  Senior administration officials have repeatedly said that US agriculture interests would be treated fairly and will continue to have access to global markets.

The president also talked up the positive effects his recently passed tax package would have on the farming industry.  US farmers are especially happy about the decision to double the limit of the estate tax, which affects families that want to pass on their farms to the next generation.

President Trump was the first president to address the convention in 25 years.  “Farm country is God’s country. So true,” he said.

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