Tom Steyer Not Running for Office but Will Spend $30 Million on Democrats’ Efforts to Recapture the House


Billionaire Democratic megadonor Tom Steyer has announced that he will not be running for office, but will be spending up to $30 million of his own money on an effort to help Democrats recapture control of the House of Representatives this year.  Steyer will be contributing the money to his NextGen America group, which has as its goal organizing and turning our millennial voters.

Steyer also said he will be doubling his efforts to see President Donald Trump impeached.  Steyer has already spent $20 million on a PR campaign aimed at removing Trump from office.

He most recently announced that he has purchased a copy of Fire and Fury, the new anti-Trump book, and would hand deliver a copy to each and every member of Congress.  After that announcement, he announced that he would be making another announcement today.  That fueled speculation that he would be announcing a run for Governor or Senator from California, where he’s from.

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