Acting FBI Director to Agents After Comey’s Firing: “We All Miss Him, And I Know That He Misses US”


The FBI released two documents today relating to the firing of former director James Comey.  The first was an email from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the FBI informing them that the decision had been made.  The second was a letter from Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who would become the acting Director, to agents at the FBI.

In his letter, Sessions wrote, the “President of the United States has exercised his lawful authority to remove James B. Comey Jr, as the Director of the FBI…As you well know, the FBI is an exceptional law enforcement and intelligence agency.  It is made so by you, the devoted men and women who work tirelessly to keep our country safe.  Thank you for your steadfast dedication and commitment during this time of transition.”

McCabe’s letter sounded a decidedly more poignant tone.  He wrote, “Thank you for continuing to do the great work of this organization…despite the fact that we are still trying to adjust to an FBI without Director Comey.  We all miss him.  And I know that he misses us…I want to reassure you that even though we will have a new director, our priorities and core values will never change…”

“So please – hang in there.  As men and women of the FBI, we are at our best when times are tough.  Please stay focused on the mission, keep doing great work, be good to each other and we will get through this together,” McCabe closed by saying.

McCabe has been criticized recently for the behavior of some agents at the FBI whose apparent bias against Donald Trump were revealed in text messages recently made public.  He plans to retire from the FBI in the spring.