Majority of Americans Believe New Tax Plan Will Benefit the Wealthy the Most


A majority of respondents to a new survey said they believe the GOP tax package passed last month will benefit the wealthy the most.  Sixty-six percent of those polled in a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday said the wealthy will “benefit the most” from the tax overhaul.  Twenty-two percent said the middle class will reap the most benefit from it.

Fifty-two percent, a majority of Americans, say they do not approve of the tax plan.  Thirty-two percent support it.  Sixteen percent said they did not know or refused to answer.  Over one hundred companies have announced they were giving employees either bonuses and/or pay raises as a result of the tax legislation.  That group includes Walmart stores, although the giant retailer also announced yesterday that it was closing 63 Sam’s Clubs stores and laying off about 11,000 employees.

A third of those polled believe the tax legislation will increase their taxes.  Twenty-four percent believe they will receive a tax cut. Thirty-seven percent said they do not think the bill will have an effect either way.


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