Dunkin’ Drops the “Donuts”


Dunkin’ Donuts has unveiled a new concept store that is a departure from the chain’s current format.  The new store includes digital kiosks, coffee and tea on tap, and allows customers to cut the drive-thru line if they ordered ahead online using an app.  Employees will wear new uniforms with slogans like “Fueled by Positive Energy” splashed across them.

But in what is perhaps the biggest change, Dunkin’ Brands, Dunkin’s parent company, has decided to drop the “Donuts” from its store signage.  The move is a part of the company’s strategy to develop a new restaurant image that is less food-centric.  They want to make beverages more of the focus for its restaurants, specifically coffee.  The company says its goal is to become a “beverage-led brand and coffee leader.”

Dunkin’ has about 9,000 U.S. Stores, and more than 11,300 stores worldwide.  The company says it wants to double the number of U.S. stores.  It says it will open about 30 pilot locations to test out different versions of its new concept store.  Dunkin’s expected to finalize a new company-wide store design once that testing phase is complete.

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