A Draft of President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Leaked to the Press


A draft of the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan leaked to the press on Monday.  The document reveals the details of a plan to revamp America’s roads, bridges and transit systems, as well as its water infrastructure and Veteran’s Affairs facilities.

Half of the suggested appropriations under the plan would go toward an “Infrastructure Incentives Initiative,” which would promote public-private investment in infrastructure projects.  A quarter of appropriations would go toward a “Rural Infrastructure Program,” investing heavily in rural infrastructure.

Other proposals include a federal funding program for projects unable to obtain private funding, and a fund to purchase federally-owned civilian property.  The proposal also sets up a potential battle between the administration and Congress by allowing states the ability to collect interstate tolls if they chose to.  Many lawmakers have been reluctant to support such an initiative.

The White House declined to comment on the leaked memo but said it is looking forward to “presenting our plan in the near future.”  Because of the government shutdown, the rollout for the White House’s plan may be delayed until next month.

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