President Trump Arrives in Davos Ahead of Speech Highlighting America-First Economic Agenda


President Trump has arrived in Davos ahead of a speech he is expected to give to the World Economic Forum.  The president is expected to outline a vision of how “America First” policies can complement a global-cooperation agenda.

The World Economic Forum is an annual gathering where the most powerful individuals from the worlds of politics, business, and even media and entertainment, gather to exchange ideas, give speeches, and most importantly, make deals.  The Forum has been held in the small village of Davos in the Swiss Alps for the last 46 years.

Kim Hjelmgaard on Twitter

There goes a globalisation/multilateralism dragon slayer #WEF2018 #WEF18

The president surprised many when he decided to attend this year’s event as the exclusive, elitist image of the gathering runs contrary to the populist message President Trump ran, and won on.  But the White House said at the time that the president would be traveling to Davos to advance America’s economic agenda.  A message President Trump reiterated on Twitter last night before leaving:

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Will soon be heading to Davos, Switzerland, to tell the world how great America is and is doing. Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better…Our country is finally WINNING again!

The president’s attendance is not without some controversy however, as the CEO of a South African business group has urged attendees to boycott his address over comments he recently made describing Haiti and some African nations.

This year’s gathering runs until January 26.

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