Millions of Americans Believe God Made Donald Trump President, According to New Book


Millions of Americans believe Donald Trump becoming president was a matter of Divine inspiration according to the book, “God and Donald Trump.”  The book details Trump’s early support among a subset of evangelical Christians called charismatic Pentecostals.  Charismatics believe that God speaks to people through prophesies and that God actively arranges human affairs.

The book details the work done on behalf of Donald Trump by charismatics, which included organizing thousands of followers for “prayer walks” in key states, as well as days-long fasts asking God for mercy and victory for Trump.

The book lays out a prophecy a Catholic man named Thomas Zimmer, who has spent most of his life in Italy and who claims to have had a prophesy in the 1980s that Trump would “lead American back to religion.”  Testimony in the book comes from one Christian leader after another who were flabbergasted to find themselves supporting Trump, who they say was their very last choice in the campaign.

The book’s author, a Pentecostal figure and publisher of Charisma magazine by the name of Stephen Strang, recounts the joy he and others felt on Election Day, 2016, when Donald Trump won.  “It was as if God had answered our prayers and the impossible had happened,” Strang writes. “We had a new president, one we believed God had raised up for a time such as this.”


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