Carter Page, Former Trump Campaign Adviser, To Update Lawsuits in Wake of Memo’s Release


Former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page said that he is going to be updating his slander lawsuits against media companies in light of the revelations made in the recently released Nunes memo.  In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Page said he is looking forward to updating his “pending legal action in opposition.”

Page called the episode “brave and assiduous oversight by congressional leaders in discovering this unprecedented abuse of process.”

The memo, released by Republicans Friday, alleges abuses by the FBI and DOJ in obtaining warrants to spy on Page after he had left the Trump campaign.  The memo says that the Steele Dossier is the basis of the obtaining of the warrants.  The Steele Dossier says that there was coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the presidential election and that Page was the point of contact.

Page filed a 400-page defamation suit against media companies Yahoo and the Huffington Post, among others, over stories that detailed that involvement.  Page says that the memo “represents a giant, historic leap in the repair of America’s democracy.”  It’s unclear what Page meant by “legal action in opposition.”

Democrats have written their own memo to refute the claims made out in the Republican memo.  There is a vote in the House Intelligence Committee, where the Republican memo was written that is scheduled for Monday on whether to release the Democrat’s memo.


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