North Korea Believed to Have Earned $200 Million in Trade that Evaded Sanctions Last Year, According to U.N.


North Korea has earned nearly $200 million in 2017 from exports that violated sanctions according to report written by U.N. monitors.

The report, which has been sent to a U.N. Security Council sanctions committee, said North Korea had shipped coal to Russia, China and South Korea among other places.  The report also says North Korea has shipped weapons to Syria and Myanmar.  The shipments were conducted mainly using false paperwork showing other countries, such as Russia and China, as the points of origin.

“The DPRK (North Korea) is already flouting the most recent resolutions by exploiting global oil supply chains, complicit foreign nationals, offshore company registries and the international banking system,” the report states.

The U.N. has been imposing sanctions on the North Korean regime since 2006 in an effort to shut off funding for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.  The latest round of sanctions occurred in December when the U.N. voted to cut oil exports to the country by about 90%.

Russia and China have denied aiding North Korea in evading sanctions.


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