General Mattis: DACA Recipients Serving in the Military Will Not Be Deported


Secretary of Defense James Mattis is vowing not to deport any DACA recipients serving in the military even if the program expires.  “We would always stand by one of our people,” the general said.  “They will not be subject to any kind of deportation,” he added.

Mattis said the protections will apply to those who are on active duty, in the active reserves, have already signed a contract with the military and are waiting to go to boot camp and veterans who have been honorably discharged.

There are, two exceptions to the protections Mattis noted: Someone who has committed a felony, or someone for whom a federal judge has signed a final deportation order.  “That would be a judicial action that obviously we obey in the court system. We don’t have veto authority over a court,” Mattis said.

President rescinded the DACA program last September but gave Congress six months to come up with a final solution for the program which Congress, so far, has been unable to do.  The President, Congressional Republicans and Democrats have all expressed a desire to see a deal reached on the program.  DACA officially expires March 5.


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