New Book: Bannon Considered Running for President if Trump Resigned or Was Impeached


Former Trump strategist and Breitbart Editor-In-Chief, Steve Bannon was considering running for president in the event President Trump resigned or was impeached.  The revelation was made in an updated version of a previously released book, “Devil’s Bargain,” by Bloomberg Business Journalist Joshua Green.

“In such a scenario, who better to succeed Trump than the man who got him elected?” the book asks?

According to the Green, Bannon thought of running under a new political party: The National Union Party, which was the temporary name that Abraham Lincoln and Republicans used to attract War Democrats and Unionists.  In Bannon’s view, it would unite disillusioned populists from the both the right and the left.

Bannon believed such a path to the White House existed for a true right-wing nationalist rather than a “charlatan” like Trump, he says.  Bannon reportedly shared the idea with only a few close friends who were not sure how seriously he was mulling the idea.

Bannon resigned from the White House last summer and had a major falling out with the President after he harshly criticized the President’s family in another book, Fire and Fury, by author Michael Wolff, released last month.


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