Millennials Blame Baby Boomers for Their Problems


According to a new poll, 51% millennials blame baby boomers for making things worse for their generation. The survey also found that many baby boomers (36%), agreed with the sentiment.  Only 13% of millennials felt baby boomers had made things better for them.

The findings raise the possibility of competition between the generations becoming a key issue in the future, as the baby boomers and millennials compete for limited tax dollars.   Baby boomers will want to use the government’s resources for safety net programs such as Social Security and Medicare.  Millennials may begin looking for government assistance for things like universal basic income, which is becoming a concern with the onset of the automated economy.

According to an earlier study released by Bain’s Macro Trends Group, “This new conflict will pit millennial workers displaced by machines against boomers living on Social Security and Medicare.”

“Who votes, who wins, and who goes to the polls become a highly politicized issue potentially,” says Karen Harris, managing director of Bain’s Macro Trends Group.”

Those polled were asked about possible solutions for their problems.  The responses included impeaching President Trump, voting out all old members of government, instituting Congressional term limits and sleeping more to avoid reacting to things negatively.

The poll also found that a majority of millennials are not very confident in their financial responsibility, with only 56% of those polled saying that are “very” or “extremely” confident in how they manage money. That’s compared to 86% of baby boomers who said they are confident in their money-managing decisions.

According to Axios/SurveyMonkey, the poll was conducted April 9-13 among 4,638 adults in the United States. Data was weighted for age, race, sex, and education using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Photo by State Farm via Flickr

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