Lyft Announces Testing of All-Access Plan


Ride-share heavyweight Lyft announced testing of its all-new “All-Access Plan,” which allows riders to sign up for a monthly subscription service with the company. The company says a select group of customers will receive a notification in the coming hours that will let them opt into a waiting list to test the new feature.

“Testing our newest All-Access Plan is the next step in moving rideshare from one based on ownership, to one based on subscription,” a Lyft spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We’re excited to roll this out to more passengers in the coming weeks and continue offering Lyft’s affordable, convenient, and reliable rides.”

Riders that are selected from the waiting list will be able to purchase a $200 pass that will give them a $15 discount on thirty rides. Riders will have to pay the difference on any rides costing more than $15.

But those in the program stand to save about $250 a month if they take advantage of the thirty-ride deal. It’s not known how big the waiting list is for this new feature and how many people the company will actually select to take part in it.

The news comes after Lyft tried a similar plan earlier this year that allowed riders to purchase sixty rides a month for $399 dollars. Drawbacks of the new $250 plan, which will be available nationwide, is that unused portions of the monthly subscription would be lost and users will need to renew it every month.

Photo by Sergio Ruiz via Flickr