Alphabet Tops LinkedIn’s List of Most Desired Companies


Online job search firm LinkedIn has released its annual list of most sought after companies. This year’s Top Companies list is the company’s fourth and lists the companies Americans most want to work for – and remain at once they’re there.

The methodology behind the list is actual actions LinkedIn users have taken on the platform surrounding the companies rather than traditional survey-and-answer-type analysis.

Actions in the following four areas are examined: interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention. According to LinkedIn, billions of actions by users were analyzed by data scientists and editors. All actions are anonymized.

The result is a ranking based on actions taken by Americans of the most desired companies to work for.

The top 10 companies are as follows on LinkedIn’s list are:

1. Alphabet – Internet
2. Facebook – Internet
3. Amazon – Internet
4. Salesforce – Internet
5. Deloitte – Consulting
6. Uber – Internet
7. Apple – Consumer Electronics
8. Airbnb – Internet
9. Oracle – Information Technology
10. Dell – Information Technology

The rest of LinkedIn’s Top Companies list can be found here.

Photo by Alphabet