Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Friday 5/22/20

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Verizon Turns on 5G


Hertz to File as Early as This Weekend – Wall Street Journal


Biden Vows to Not Raise Taxes on Americans Making Less than $400,000


England Looks to Inject 10,000 with Potential Covid19 Vaccine


China Admits to Destroying Covid19 Samples Early in the Outbreak – Says it Was Done for Safety


WH Press Secretary Silences Press Corps with Challenge About Lack of Questions to Team Obama About Michael Flynn


Trump Declares Houses of Worship “Essential” – Will Override Orders to Keep Them Closes if He  Has To


Joe Rogan Ditches YouTube – Strikes a Blow for Independent Creators


China Hints at Imposing Anit-Democracy Measures in Hong Kong – Trump Vows “Strong” US Reaction


Mastercard to Prohibit Workers from Returning to Offices Until Vaccine for Covid19 is Available


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