Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Saturday 5/23/20

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Trump Admin Considers First Nuclear Test in Decades As a Message to China and Russia


The CDC Has Just Admitted What it Believes Covid19’s Death Rate to Be: 0.26%


Trump: I Have A Chance to Break the Deep State


Denmark, Open for a Month, Sees Cases of Coronavirus Falling


WA State Gov. Inslee Implies Consequences for People Who Refuse to Remain Locked Down


81% of Covid19 Deaths in Canada Are in Nursing Homes


Covid19 Autopsies Show Lung Damage, Blood Clots to be Main Causes of Death


More Americans Taking the Red Pill Every Day

It May Not Be As Good a Time to Buy a Home As You Think – Many Sellers Pull Their Listings


Remdesivir Study Out: Benefits Marginal at Best – Findings Dumped Late on a Friday Before a Long Weekend