Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Sunday 5/24/20

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Australian Study “Raises Important Questions” About Whether Covid19 Originated Naturally 


Technical Glitches, Privacy Concerns Keep Users From Adopting Covid19 Contact Tracing Surveillance Apps


80% of Public Companies Keep Small Business Coronavirus Loans – Reuters 


“It looks like.. they’re going to basically take over Hong Kong” – US Threatens Sanctions Over New HK Security Law


Israel limits coronavirus cellphone surveillance to ‘special cases’


Federal Reserve’s “Main Street” Loans To Begin Within Weeks


CDC: Coronavirus “Does Not Spread Easily” From Contaminated Surfaces, Objects


Top Aide to UK’s Boris Johnson Reported to Police – For Breaking Lockdown


Chris Wallace Criticizes Trump Press Sec. For Criticizing Press Not Covering Michael Flynn Story, Trump Admin For Reopening the Country


China Restricting U.S. Flights to Mainland – U.S. May Reciprocate


Covid19 Autopsies May Reveal Disease is Bacterial – Not Viral


WA State Classifying Gun Shot Victims as Covid19 Deaths


How to Buy Hertz Cars at Huge Discounts


Was it All a War Game? EU Has Been Planning a “Vaccination Passport” Since 2018


Bankruptcy Wave Hits as Default/Eviction Notices Begin in Earnest


Turmoil in Hong Kong as Thousands Protest China’s New Security Law


NYC Principle Heard on Tape: Pass Students Who Get Wrong Answers But Show Effort


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