Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Tuesday 5/26/20

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Twitter is “Un-Verifying” Journalists Who Post the Wrong Things


French Intelligence Officials Warned of “Catastrophic Leak” From China’s Wuhan Lab a Decade Before Construction


China’s “Bat Woman” Prominent Virologist Says Covid19 “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”


UK to Offer Remdesivir to Covid19 Patients Despite Mixed Results on Effectiveness


Censorship Endgame Begins: Twitter Fact Checks Trump, Places “Get the Facts” Warning Over POTUS Tweets About Mail-In Voting


NATO Rejects Russia’s Offer to Pause Military Exercises During Covid Pandemic


EU Officials Accuse U.S. Tech Firms of “Imposing” Standards on Covid Contact Tracing Apps


UK Lockdown Cost More Lives Than it Saved – Nobel Laureate


Australian Protective Services Covid19 Patrols to Remain in Service Indefinitely


Lockdown Strategy Has its Roots in Politics Not Science


Face Mask Selfies Are Being Used to Strengthen Facial Recognition Software


YouTube Currying Favor with Chinese Communist Party? Banning Phrases that Insult CCP Even While Being Banned in China


Moderna’s mRNA Covid19 Vaccine Caused Serious Injury in 20% of High Dose Group, Requiring Medical Intervention


6TH Name On NYT’s List of 100,000 Coronavirus Victims Actually Died by Homicide, Not Covid


Covid19 Tricks Body Into Not Recognizing Virus Cells, Similar to HIV – Chinese Researchers


Criminal Referrals to Be Made in Opening of Trump-Russia Probe – Top GOP Lawmaker


WHO Tells Indonesia to Stop Using Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Covid19 Patients


U.S. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise in April


Saudi Arabia to Allow Mosques to Reopen for Friday Prayers


Hungarians Want Orban’s “Emergency Rule” to End By June

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