Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Wednesday 5/27/20

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Pres. to Sign Executive Order on Social Media Censorship Thursday


96% of Italy’s Covid Fatalities Had One Underlying Illness, 81% Had Multiple


“If You Are Contacted By A…Trace Advisor Telling You to Isolate, You Must Do That Whether You Have Symptoms or Not” – UK’s Not So Voluntary Lockdown Surveillance Goes Into Effect Tomorrow


Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece Slams Pompeo as “Habitual Liar”, Incapable of Judging HK’s Autonomy


The CDC Has Slashed the Fatality Rate of Covid19 to 0.26% – Why is No One Talking About This?


App Helps Promote Americans Snitching on Each Other – By Showering Enforcement with Gifts


Dem. Virginia Governor Northam Mandates Face Masks After Increase in Covid19 Cases


Historic SpaceX Launch Scrapped Because of Weather, 16 Minutes Before Launch


Pompeo: Hong Kong No Longer Warrants Special U.S. Treatment in Wake of Beijing’s New Anti-Democracy Law


U.S. to End Sanctions Allowing Foreign Safety Work at Iran Nuclear Sites, Increasing “Maximum Pressure” Campaign


White House Will Not Tolerate Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media – VP Pence


New Zealand Reports Zero Current Covid19 Patients in Hospitals


It Begins: Dems Sue in 13 States to Make Mail-In Voting Mandatory


It’s Up to US to Lead the Way Out of Lockdown


Trump’s New Vaccine “Czar” Has Ties to Big Pharma


Tracking Bracelets, Human Cow Bells Coming to Your Work Site Soon


Consequences of the Lockdown Come Into Focus – “…We’ve Seen a Year’s Worth of Suicide Attempts in the Last Four Weeks”


Boeing Slashes Nearly 7,000 Jobs, Recover Could Take “Years” Says CEO


Confirmation Pres. Trump is Not in Bed With Big Pharma, Will Not Force Vaccines on Those Who Don’t Want Them – Mike Adams


NY’s Cuomo to Press Trump on Infrastructure in Bid to Revive Economy Post-Covid

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