Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Friday 5/29/20

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Advisor to Gates’ Universal Chipping Project ID2020 Resigns in Protest, “Immunity Passports’ for COVID-19…have serious consequences for fundamental human rights and civil liberties”


World’s First Contact Tracing App Built on Apple & Google’s API Goes Live


NY Makes it a Felony to Report Illegal Immigrant Information to ICE


IRS Advises Americans to Be On the Lookout for Stimulus Debit Cards


Controversial Cuomo Nursing Home Order Disappears From Official Website


Trump Formally Ends Relationship with WHO After Body Fails to Prove Independence From China


Read Newly Declassified Transcripts of the Phone Calls Between Michael Flynn and Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak


Truth Finally Comes Out: Mueller Probe Was Nothing More Than An Obstruction of Justice Trap Set for Trump


Sorry Twitter, But Pres. Trump is Completely Right About Mail-In Voting


Cuomo, Zucker Have Questions to Answer Regarding NY’s Disastrous Nursing Home Covid Policy


Nearly Half of All Small Business Owners Expect to Shut Down Permanently

NYC To Enter Phase 1 of Reopening June 8 – Gov


Youtube Censors Video Where Doctors Suggest Efforts to Suppress Data About Hydroxychloroquine May be Financially Motivated


4 in 10 Psychiatrists in UK Report Increase in Patients Seeking Urgent Mental Health Care Because of the lockdown


Gang of Macaque Monkeys Attack Lab Worker in India, Escape With Coronavirus Samples


MSNBC Host: We’ve Been Guided to Use the Word “Protests” Not “Riots” Re Minneapolis


Trump: “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts” – Twitter Hits Pres. With “Glorifying Violence” Warning


George Floyd and Officer Who Killed Him Worked at the Same Nightclub – Report


Senate R’s Encouraging Older Judges to Retire Ahead of November’s Election


Chinese Troll U.S.: It “Should Stand with Minnesota Protesters as it Did with HK Rioters”


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