Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Monday 6/1/20

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Residents Guard Entrance to Target Store, Chant “4 More Years!” and “USA! USA!”


Journalists Beaten, Robbed During Live Report on George Floyd Protests


“Most of You Are Weak”: Trump Blasts State Govs After Weekend of Rioting/Protests


Raleigh, NC Police Chief: You Are On Your Own – “I Will Not Put an Officer in Harm’s Way to Protect the Property Inside of a Building”


University of Alabama Professor Tweets Instructions to Rioters on How to Pull Down National Monuments


George Floyd’s Murder Deliberate, Designed to Set Off Race Riots – Mike Adams


Arizona Sues Google For Tracking Android Users Location Illegally it Says


Mitch McConnell: “Next Stimulus Bill Will Be the Last,” Final Decision to Be Made in About a Month


Woman Throws Firebomb into a Police Van in NYC During Protests, Charged With Attempted Murder


The Gov’t is Doing Much More Than Collecting Our Data for Investigation Only When it’s Needed – “Contact Chaining” Means We’re All Being Watched – Constantly


Where is Ghislane Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Longtime Associate?


George Floyd’s Brother: “My Brother Was About Peace…Don’t Tear Up Your Town”


Tensions Over Status Cause Run on Dollars in Hong Kong


NBA Star JR Smith Beats Up “White Boy” Protestor for Damaging His Truck (Warning: Graphic Language and Violence)


Rooting for the Downfall of America? Be Careful What You Wish For…


America’s Descent Into Chaos – “Purge” Message Blared as Cars are Torched


Egyptians Adopt Mask-Wearing Protocols, With Some Coercion From Authorities


Covid19 Losing Potency: “In Reality, the Virus Clinically No Longer Exists in Italy” – Top Italian Doctor


“USA Addicted to Quitting” – China Hits U.S. Over Cutting Off Spigot to WHO


Lockdowns in the First World Halt Money Flows to the Third World – By As Much As $100 Billion According to Citi


Gilead Trades Just Before Promising Findings of Anti-Covid Drug Remdesivir May Draw Regulatory Scrutiny

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