Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Saturday 6/6/20

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Dutch Nightclub Tries Dancing – At a Distance


Retail Outlets Along I95 Close as Looters Target Suburbs


Military Pilot Grounded After Low-Flying Maneuver Used to Disperse Protesters from Near the White House


Lisa Page Hired by MSNBC As a Legal Analyst


Israelis Protest Netanyahu’s Plan to Annex Parts of Palestinian Land


Buffalo Cops Who Shoved Elderly Man Charged with Assault


“FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. If a black person tells you to do something, you do it immediately without question”: White Protesters in Australia Are Given Rules Before Attending Protests


Amazingly, Covid19 is No Longer Transmissible During Protests of Up to 100 People


The Fed Bought Corporate Debt – Companies Spent the Funds on Dividends While Firing Millions


How and Why Did the Russia Collusion Story Start? Republicans on the Hill Search for Answers


Trying to Gin Up Pro-War Sentiment, IAEA Says Iran’s “Nuclear Stockpile” Rose by 50% During Covid Lockdown


Biotech Examines Himalayan People in Search of Advanced Human DNA


3 Protesters Follow Police Officers Home, Throw Molitov Cocktails Igniting Police Cars


Israeli Company Develops “Disinfectant Tunnel” For Entrance to Sports Stadiums, Other Public Venues


Entire Buffalo Police Unit Resigns in Protest After Fellow Officers Suspended for Shoving Elderly Protestor

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