Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Sunday 6/7/20

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Singapore’s Decision to Introduce Wearable Contact Tracing Devices to Citizens Sparks Fierce Public Backlash


Fear: How the Ruling Class Controls Us


Time to Flatten the Fear Curve of Covid19


Teen Who Worked Through the Night to Clean His Community After Protests Rewarded with Car, Scholarship


The 17 People Who Have Died in the Protests So Far


FCC Letter Looking to Ban 5G Cell Phone Towers on Homes Gets Over 15,000 Signatures


BLM Protesters Vandalize Abraham Lincoln Statue in London


“Revolution is the Only Solution! I am a Revolutionary!” Is Racial Justice Just an Excuse Being Used to Foment Civil Unrest by Communists?


Mayor Jacob Frey Now Wants $55 Million in State & Federal Bailouts to Repair Damage Done to Minneapolis During Protests He Left Unimpeded


Rioters Deface Memorial That Honored African-American Civil War Veterans Proving Many Protesters Don’t Know Why They’re Protesting or What They Want


Protester Gets Arrested for Threatening to Burn Down NYC’s Diamond District


Author JK Rowling Denounced as Trans-Phobic for Asserting that Women Menstruate


2 Men From Ohio Arrested at Brooklyn Protest With Cache of Weapons Including Knives and Bricks


Netanyahu Offers Condolences a Week After Israeli Police Kill an Unarmed Autistic Palestinian Man


Dem Lawmakers Ready Legislation That Bans Chokeholds, Requires Officers to Intervene When They Witness Misconduct and Makes it Easier to Sue Officers




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