Comedian Pokes Fun of HBO’s Decision to No Longer Show Elmer Fudd with a Rifle, Tweet Goes Viral, Then it Gets “Shadowbanned”

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Satirical account @priceoreason mocked HBO Max’s decision to stop showing cartoon character Bugs Bunny’s nemesis, hunter Elmer Fudd, carrying a rifle.  Instead the account’s tweet read, Fudd will be reading Bugs “Alyssa Milano’s Tweets, hoping it has a similar effect.”


Milano is an actress who has become known in recent years as an ultra-liberal activist.

The tweet went viral, but then shortly after engagement with the tweet virtually stopped.

“If you search for Elmer Fudd and my handle, you only find a few responses to my OP [original post]. No retweets with comments, no tweet, no nothing. It’s as if neither it or I ever existed,” the author said.

@priceoreason later confirmed that his tweet had “shadowbanned,” a process by which exposure to a tweet or account is artificially stifled.



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