95% of Covid19 Deaths in England Had One Pre-Existing Condition, Many Had Two

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Statistics released by the National Health Service in the UK show that 95% of patients who died of covid19 had at least one pre-existing condition. These findings mirror almost exactly statistics released by the Italy’s government back in March.

The number of deaths where covid19 was listed as the only cause was 1,318. The UK has had 27,045 deaths due to covid19 which means less than 5% of UK victims had covid19 only.

What’s more is that the remaining 25,727 cases were listed as having over 42,000 comorbidities, meaning that not only did the vast majority of patients have one pre-existing condition, many had two.

The report did not specify all of the pre-existing conditions but it did provide a breakdown for patients with heart disease, kidney disease, dementia and a few others. Curiously, the report lists more than 18,000 pre-existing-condition cases under a generic “other” heading, meaning patients could have been ill with anything from cancer to AIDS, leaving the true picture of the lethality of covid19 murky.

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