David Icke: It’s All About Division – If You’re the Few and You Want to Control the Many, You Have to Divide the Many

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Author and speaker David Icke talks about how the globalist movement is using all current events – the Covid pandemic, racial strife – to control the perceptions of the masses.

The purpose of controlling perceptions, Icke says, is to control events.

“The whole point of this whole global conspiracy is to control human perception because from perception comes behavior,” he said. “We behave the way that we do, in the different ways we do, because of the perceptions we have. So if you can control perceptions you control behavior and you control perceptions by controlling the information that people receive to form those perceptions.”

Icke has been banned for speaking out against the globalist agenda from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

He says ultimately the method of choice of globalists to gain control over the world’s population is to divide and conquer.

“If there’s a few of you and you want to control and dictate the lives of the many you have to divide and rule the many,” Icke said. “You have to set the many at war with each other so that they are fighting each other, seeing each other as the enemy and in doing so they don’t see you holding the strings of all these different labels and playing them off against each other.”

“So that in terms of…racial division and all these other divisions is exactly what is going on and it is calculated,” he added.

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