Melinda Gates Reveals Globalist’s Covid Vaxx Agenda: Health Workers to Get it First, Then Blacks

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Melinda Gates, during an interview with Time Magazine, revealed the globalists’ plan administering a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available (or when Big Pharma reveals that a vaccine they’ve had planned all along, is ready to be rolled out).

“The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world. They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering,” the Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Bill Gates’ wife told Time.

Administering it to health professionals first assures that the next virus to sweep across the globe will do much more damage if the front-line workers have been compromised.

“Who needs it after health care workers?” she’s asked as a follow up.

“In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color,” she responds.

“They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19. From there, people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older. Those are the ones who all need it first. We also need to think about essential workers who are keeping our grocery stores open for us so we can buy food, or who are making sure that food moves through the warehouses,” she adds.

When asked about a timeline and when “most people will get vaccinated,” she responds by saying: “We’re probably 18 months out from that.”

That gives freedom-loving people in this country and all over the world (of all races and creeds) about a year and half to understand the agenda regarding a potential covid19 vaccine and prepare to operate outside of its parameters.

Luckily many people are becoming more and more aware of the real threat we all face every day. Many took to Twitter to let their feelings about Gates’ comments and their agenda be known:


Main photo by Chatham House, London via Wikimedia Commons

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