Blatant Hypocrisy When it Comes to Covid19 Risks and Protests on the Right vs. Left

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In the Middle of May Washington D.C. Mayor Mauriel Bowser extended her lockdown order through June 8.  Two days earlier she tweeted “Let’s all meet here soon #BlackLivesMatter” in front the street mural painted down a DC street leading to the White House.

Florida congresswoman Val Demings tweeted on June 8 that she had joined a “Healing and Hope Rally” to speak with community leaders. Two days later she berated the President for being “irresponsible and selfish” for wanting to hold mass rallies in Florida.

Journalist Alex Wagner, in response to the Trump campaign’s announcement of a rally in Oklahoma wrote, “Someone should tell him there’s a pandemic spreading across the United States.” Several days later upon learning Sen. Elizabeth Warren had joined the protests in D.C. she wrote, “Can’t stop won’t stop.”

Journalist Jake Sherman admonished VP Mike Pence for not practicing social distancing during a visit to a campaign office. He later joined the protests at the Capitol in D.C.

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko helped organize food and water stands for the protests in D.C., encouraging ” a million” people to join. “A thousand Americans are dying a day from the pandemic, and the president of the United States is ignoring it,” he also tweeted.

As Stephen Miller points out in The Spectator, “Democratic activists and politicians themselves created this situation. They encouraged the world to disregard lockdown and people will now follow their lead, no matter how much they are scolded by the media. These people think we’re all stupid. We’re not.”

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