Samantha Marika: “You’re Being Used” – “Black Lives Matter Only When They Need Your Vote”

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Samantha Marika posted an important message on YouTube in which she implores the African-American community to realize that Democrats are only exploiting racial strife because it is an election year.

“I want us to listen and to think as logically as we can. Because the only way we’re going to see what’s happening is if we think logically. Two weeks ago you were unable to have a funeral. If your mom, if your dad, if your grandma died, they couldn’t have a funeral. And if you did try to have a funeral you could have been arrested,” Marika says.

“You fast forward two weeks later, you turn on the television and there’s a giant funeral, a giant memorial for George Floyd. Celebrities and politicians, all there. The same people [who] for the past couple months are telling you if you were to go into a group of people you could have died because of Covid19. And here they sit at this giant funeral.”

Marika exposes the outrage over Floyd’s murder as political exploitation run by high-level politicians.

“A week after that man was murdered, [the] first day of primaries and what did you do? You went out and voted blue, blue, blue, blue, just like the script told you to. Vote, vote, vote, vote, all over Instagram, all over Twitter, everybody vote, vote, vote, vote. Why? Have you asked yourself why that is?”

“You’re being used,” Marika says.

“You think they broadcasted George Floyd’s funeral [to] all of America because they wanted to show what a great person George Floyd was? Or do you think they broadcasted George Floyd’s funeral because they wanted you to watch so you would get angry, you would get sad, you would get mad, you would get frustrated and you would go vote?”

Marika points out that the organizers and drivers of the outrage are only concerned with one set of lives: their political ones.

“The Democrats were about to lose the black vote and a party with no black vote is no Democrat Party at all…So you’re gonna tell me you don’t think they’ll do whatever they want to, whatever they can, to make sure they secure that black vote even if that means using you, using me, using george floyd?”

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