The Duran with a Message to America: Beware a Color Revolution Masquerading as Social Justice Protests

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In this episode of The Duran, Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the upcoming meeting between leaders of Serbia and of the breakaway province of Kosovo.

They discuss the color revolution that took place in 2000 and draws parallels between what happened there and what’s currently happening in the United States around the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ in Seattle, WA.

They allude to an article written by Max Parry in which Parry cautions against behind-the-scenes forces that may be hijacking the current social justice protests and turning them into a “color revolution” – revolutions that took place in former USSR controlled, Eastern European countries, but are today widely seen as having been brought about by outside, globalist forces – people like financier George Soros, which Christoforou and Mercouris mention.

“What Parry is saying is that with all of these forces, all these protests that we see in the United States with BLM, he accepts that there are actual real structural faults within U.S. society, real grievances,” Mercouris says. “But he says that behind the scenes all of these same forces that were used in Serbia…all of these people are back in action. But this time they’re not doing it in far away countries they’re doing it in the United States itself.”

Mercouris continues: [Parry] identifies some of the people involved and he identifies the pay masters and of course George Soros is clearly one of the pay masters because he has both a personal interest in all of this, because he wants to basically deconstruct the economies of these countries because that makes him and the kind of oligarchy the financial oligarchy which he is involved in, it makes him richer.

“But of course he also has a genuine ideological objective which is if you like the globalization objective which unquestionably he does believe in.”

The message is for Americans to be vigilant, to be careful,” Christoforou concludes.

“To be vigilant, exactly,” agrees Mercouris.

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