Trump Ally Believes President Will Ask China For Covid19 Reparations at Some Point

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Economist Stephen Moore said yesterday that he believes the Trump administration will at some point ask China to pay some reparations to the U.S. over the Coronavirus pandemic.

“There is hostility right now between these two countries,” Moore told John Catsimatidis on Catsimatidis’s Sunday radio show.

“I do believe that the Trump Administration will require the Chinese at some point to pay some kind of reparation payments to the United States for not alerting us to the danger of the coronavirus and doing severe damage to our economy.”

There have been numerous reports in western media about the Chinese government being less than honest at the outbreak of the pandemic about the lethality about the virus and the number of people that were originally affected. China has denied such allegations.

But Moore has called the tensions between China and the West a new Cold War.

“There’s no question about it. It is very suspicious to me: If their goal is world domination, one way of achieving that is by spreading this disease and disabling a lot of the economies they compete with. And they’re going to have to pay,” Moore said.

Photo by The Kremlin

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