Facebook Rigs “the Game So it Can Work on the Left Side,” Interferes With Elections on a “Global Level”

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An employee who worked as a comment moderator on Facebook claims that the platform unjustly targets conservatives and supporters of President Trump with community standards violations, but rarely targets left-leaning comments for the same types of infractions.

Ryan Hartwig, who worked for a contract firm Facebook hired to enforce community guidelines, says the average moderator deletes up to 300 posts a day with the intent of manipulating elections all over the world and punishing users for political viewpoints.

The revelations were made in an interview Hartwig gave to James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas.

“I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections,” Hartwig said.

Most of the content that is removed from Facebook is conservative in nature, especially if it is considered to be anti-LGBT according to Hartwig.

On additional undercover video Facebook moderators can be heard saying that they “rig the game so that it works on the left side,” and that they believe Hartwig was passed over repeatedly for promotions because he is a white male.

Hartwig broke a non-disclosure agreement to come forward. He felt compelled to do so after seeing other recent videos obtained by Project Veritas revealing the left-wing bias at the company, he says.

Facebook maintains a degree of separation from such accusations by hiring outside firms to handle community moderation, but the social media giant always maintains that it does not have bias when it comes to moderation according to political affiliation.

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