Man Who Got Shot Inside “CHOP” Zone Wants to Sue Police For Not Responding Fast Enough, After They Got Kicked Out

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A man shot inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is looking to sue the Seattle Police Department for not responding quickly enough to the shooting.

Police officers were kicked out of “CHOP” when protesters took the area over on June 8. Seattle’s East Precinct station house lies within CHOP’s borders. Officers there were ordered to evacuate the area to protesters by the city’s elected officials.

On Friday, two men were injured in a shooting inside the zone, one man fatally. Citizens of CHOP allowed firefighters to enter the zone but resisted police assistance. They prevented them from entering the zone and instead transported the survivor of the shooting to nearby Harborview Hospital.

It seems now that man is looking to file a lawsuit agains Seattle police officers for not responding quickly enough to the shooting.

“I was shot in Seattle, in CHAZ, on Friday. The cops left me out there to die,” the man says on the video. “I need help with somebody in the legal or media to get my story told, and get it out there. I got shot five times–I need you guys’ help.”

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