Big Cities Are Turning Into Exodus Zones

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Right now there is a mad rush to escape America’s cities. Many Americans are looking to move away from bg urban centers because of the Covid19 pandemic as well as the recent riots and violence. And that it is creating a real estate boom in small towns and rural communities.

“There’s a mad rush to get out of the city,” said Ginger Martin, a real estate agent with Sotheby’s who concentrates on high-end properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. “What I’m really doing well with right now is anything that’s turnkey.”

Because of the economic downturn however, only those in the wealthiest classes are able to relocate now.

“Relocation, at the moment, is only by wealthy folks, who still have the financial mobility to move as the real economy implodes and paralyzes the bottom 90% of Americans,” writes Michael Snyder, publisher of the End of the American Dream blog.

“Even with a good credit score, lenders are not preapproving folks like they once were. Many people over the years flooded into San Francisco as the economy boomed, and tech flourished. Now with an economic downturn, social unrest, and pandemic — the city is becoming too dangerous to raise a family.”

In addition to the economic and political strife that we are facing, Snyder also points out that this is an election year. In such a politically charged environment, the slightest spark could ignite even more violence. Tensions are so high in this country that 34% of Americans believe there could be a civil war within the next five years.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded, competent individuals away from large metropolises may help stave off trouble. And it’s something many Americans are considering.

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