Reddit Bans Largest Pro-Trump Forum

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Reddit, the popular chat-forum, announced that it is shutting down the largest Trump sub-forum, because of repeated violations to its content-posting policy.

The subreddit, as it’s known, The_Donald, had almost 800,000 subscribers and was one of the most popular conservative forums on the site.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman that the company tried several different ways to avoid banning the group outright, including approaching users in good faith, but they continued to break Reddit community rules such as up-voting offensive content and antagonizing other Reddit users and communities.

“It was becoming clear that the company’s values and the way discourse was playing out on the platform was one of the main things we wanted to fix in our content policy update,” Huffman said.

Major social media companies have been censoring the President for weeks and the practice looks to only grow more frequent and acute as November’s election approaches.

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