Jared Kushner Falls Out of Favor With President Trump

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Sources close to President Trump say the President has lost confidence in his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Kushner, the 39-year-old wunderkind, was given a breathtaking amount of responsibility – from transforming the U.S. economy to immigration reform to achieving world peace – in the Trump administration. But he is beginning to get blamed for recent missteps by the President that has left his base scratching their collective heads. Reports now are that the President is beginning to regret listening to Kushner’s advice.

According to insiders, Kushner’s advice tries to steer Trump policy decisions slightly to the left. “No more of Jared’s woke s***,” is how one person close to the President characterized his thinking on the subject.

Some say the Kushner, a political novice, has made mistakes in his policy advice to the President. Other say Kushner’s influence on the President has been so detrimental that it could only be deliberate.

Critics say Kushner, a lifelong Democrat, pays lip service to the President’s agenda then quietly works against it in policy.

“‘The depths and lengths Jared is going to to stab Trump in the back [are] quite profound,’ one source said. ‘Trump’s been burned by Jared so many times,’ said another.”

“He presents as someone very knowledgeable and in the know until he faces questions,” one source said. “He goes off the record or on deep background so people don’t realize he’s a [expletive deleted] idiot.”

Now word is that the President is regretting some of the faith he has put in Kushner’s direction. He now regrets following Kushner’s advice on pursuing criminal justice reform. The action went against the President’s instincts and will barely garner him any more African-American votes in the election, he feels.

“He truly believes there is a silent majority out there that’s going to come out in droves in November,” said a source.

It seems the one thing Kushner has been successful at in the last 3 years is decreasing the support the President enjoys from his base.

“I know for a fact that there was a document drafted for the President to sign saying replacing Americans with foreign workers was not in the national interest, making it explicitly illegal,” a source said. “All it would have taken is a stroke of a pen. When I would ask why it hadn’t been done, the answer was always ‘Jared.'”

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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