America’s First Retail Store Dedicated Entirely to PPE Opens Up

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America’s first retail store dedicated entirely to personal protective equipment opened recently in the Columbia, MD. It is the brainchild of former advertising executive Chris McCormick.

McCormick’s advertising firm collapsed during the early days of the Covid19 outbreak. He furloughed all of his employees and quickly realized he had to reinvent his business model.

He said he had an idea for a concept store while watching his young son sleep during the pandemic.

“I was thinking how terrifying it would be to have to take him to the hospital, then quickly reversing that in looking at it from his perspective. How terrifying it would be to see people during an already anxious experience, and you can’t see the faces of doctors and nurses treating you,” said McCormick.

McCormick sells colorful and playful shields and face coverings, shields, as well as hand sanitizer. All of his products, he says, are locally produced.

The idea is a hit. Just three months later his company employs 100 people and recently opened up a physical store in the Columbia Mall. McCormick says there are plans to open a a second location but hasn’t decided where yet.

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