Vladimir Putin Mocks LGBT Pride Flag Flying Outside of U.S. Embassy in Moscow: “Let Them Celebrate”

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Vladimir Putin mocked a gay pride flag that was hung form the U.S. Embassy in Moscow last week.

‘Who works in this building?” Putin asked after being told in a televised video conference with lawmakers that the rainbow flag was hung outside for the first time to celebrate Gay Pride month in June.

“Americans,” replied Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“Let them celebrate. They’ve shown a certain something about the people who work there,” Putin said with a smile.

Putin signed amendments to the Russian constitution yesterday, which were won by a national vote, that codified marriage in Russia as being between one man and one woman.

Russia also passed a law in 2013 that barred the promotion of homosexual relationships to minors.

The laws are not intended to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation, Putin said. Rather, they’re aimed at preventing the “foisting” of such relationships on children.

“Let a person grow up, become an adult and decide his own path himself. You just shouldn’t impose anything,” Putin said.

“Those who attack us on this basis are just trying to break down an open door.”

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