Professor Carol M. Swain: Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Movement

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Conservative former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University and author Carol M. Swain sat down for an interview with Prager University’s Will Witt last week.

Swain talked about Black Lives Matter and some of the real issues holding the African-American community back.

“Your attitude is far more important than your race, your gender, or anything like that, or your social status, your poverty. Your attitude – what you believe about the world,” Swain said.

She also talked about the crime rate in the African-American community and how little help the Democratic Party has been in last several decades

“The black crime rate is problematic. Blacks at 13% of the population committing over 51% of the violent crimes. A lot of it is black on black crime. It’s problematic that Black Lives Matter, they focus on whenever a white police officer kills a black person but not on the black on black crime. Or the fact that black women, 13% of the population, are getting 37% of the abortions and that’s being pushed by the Democratic Party. So there’s something very, very broken. There’s something wrong. There’s plenty to be addressed.

She saved some of her harshest criticism for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I believe that the organization itself is using black people to advance a Marxist agenda. And the corporations, the schools, the churches, the people that have gotten behind Black Lives Matter – the organization – they think they’re helping black people. They think they’re showing support for black people but actually it’s the opposite.”

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