Dr. Richard Bartlett May Have Found a Silver Bullet for Covid19

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Dr. Richard Bartlett, a practicing physician of nearly 30 years, went on the America Can We Talk? program with Debbie Georgatos to discuss a treatment he has been using on Covid19 patients with, what he says, is a 100% success rate.

Dr. Bartlett says it is the exact same treatment being used in countries like Taiwan and Japan (among others) to great success.

“Guess how many people have died to date during the whole pandemic in Taiwan?,” Bartlett asks. “Seven. As many people as you can stack in a minivan going down Central Expressway.”

“It’s the situation also in Japan, 121 million people in Japan, they’ve had less than a thousand people die during the whole pandemic. Singapore. Only twelve people have died in the whole country during the whole pandemic. Well that’s not possible according to what we’re being told in the mainstream media. But that’s reality, anyone can look it up.”

“I’m pointing them out because the people in Texas need to hear good news. In Dallas they need to hear good news and I have good news.”

Bartlett says he uses an asthma medicine called Budesonide with a nebulizer treatment. Budesonide is a respiratory anti-inflammatory. He says he uses it on Covid19 because it is a respiratory inflammatory disease.

“I’m also giving an antibiotic that will cover walking pneumonia and other pneumonia that’s called Clarithromycin. And I also give zinc because that interferes with virus multiplication.”

“But the silver bullet is inhaled steroids,” Bartlett says.

Budesonide has been available on the market for 20 years.

Bartlets says he has sent copies of his research to Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) office. He also believes President Trump will be in possession of his data within the next week or so.

The NIH, has begun research on his treatment, Bartlett says, but he doesn’t expect much to come from that work, he says.

“It’s set up for failure at the start and let me tell you how. Early detection and early treatment – that’s common sense. That’s the American healthcare system. What we’re getting is what Communist China has forced on the whole world. Wait until you’re a breath away from death, wait until the house is burned two-thirds down and then seek help. This is what NIH is doing this is what the CDC’s telling us to do. And every authority is telling us don’t seek help if you got mild to moderate symptoms wait till you have severe severe symptoms,” Bartlett said.

“That’s a terrible plan for any health care problem. Especially one that can kill you.”

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