Protesters Vandalize Statue Outside Kentucky Black Church – Of a Slave Fleeing to Freedom

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Black Lives Matter protesters vandalized a statue outside of a Kentucky black church of a slave, holding her infant daughter, fleeing to freedom. The statue is of former slave Lucy Higgs Nichols and the church, Second Baptist Church, is nearly 170 years old.

The faces of the statues were painted red, a similar tactic that’s been used on statues of Confederate generals and historical figures of white European descent. It was also tagged with the letters “BLM.”

Second Baptist Church was known for helping African-Americans fleeing slavery during the civil war. Higgs Nichols went on to become a nurse in the Union Army.

The church has now started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for security cameras that will be used to monitor the church itself as well as other statues on the grounds. They have raised $5,000 so far.

“All community donations, just people saying, ‘I want to help,‘” church Treasurer Jerry Finn said. “What it will allow us to do is put cameras in place to monitor the gardens and the church as well.”

There’s been no shortage of perplexing attacks conducted against pro-African American and anti-slavery monuments conducted over the last several weeks. We’ve been reporting for weeks that even African-Americans are beginning to question the BLM movement and what their true agenda is.

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