Huawei Requests Delay in UK 5G Network Removal

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Huawei has requested the U.K. delay the implementation of a ban on the firm from all of British 5G networks until after 2025, the Sunday Times reported today. The delay would postpone any potential decision until after England’s next election in 2024. The company is hoping a new administration will make a different decision regarding its equipment.

In return Huawei pledges to maintain its equipment in the UK, which is also used in the 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

It’s unclear whether the firm’s strategy will work now that it has been stated or whether sentiment regarding the firm will improve with the election of a new prime minister. Conservative lawmakers have actually pressured Prime Minister Boris Johnson to move the deadline up to 2023.

5G is expected to power everything from smartphones to driverless cars to power grids once it is implemented broadly. As a result, granting a foreign company access to critical network infrastructure is seen as a risk.

The Trump administration has actively discouraged allies from using Huawei for 5G implementation.

U.K. ministers have said U.S. sanctions on Huawei means the company may no longer be a reliable supplier.

The U.K. is expected to update the status of the company with regards to British networks before July 22.

Image by farukgarib14 via Pixabay

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