ANTIFA Attacks an Anti-Pedophilia Demonstration

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An anti-pedophilia demonstration taking place in Dublin, Ireland, over the weekend was disrupted by members of anti-fascist group ANTIFA.

The “March For Innocence” demonstration was taking place outside the Leinster House, Ireland’s parliament. Individuals were there protesting proposed legislation that would allow children 16 years old and younger to “change their gender.”

Protesters were also calling for the resignation of Minister of Children Roderic O’Gorman. O’Gorman posed in a picture with LGBT advocate Peter Tatchell two years ago, but says he was unaware of Tatchell’s views on sex and children at the time.

The ANTIFA protesters blared loud music from speakers and held up a large banner that read, “All You Fascists  Bound to Lose.” ANTIFA’s “anti-protest” was quickly subdued however when the March for Innocence protesters grabbed the signage and stopped their music playing.

Police would break the scuffle up soon after.

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