Store Manager Fired for Cursing at Mall-Goer for Wearing a Trump Face Mask

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A store manager for the retail chain Bath & Body Works no longer working at the company after cursing at a mall-goer wearing a “Trump 2020” face mask.

Jeremiah Cota, a Director of Strategic Initiatives for AZ Trump Victory, was walking past a Bath & Body Works location last Thursday when an employee standing just inside the entrance of the store cursed at him.

“She yelled at me ‘F—- Donald Trump’ while I was simply walking by the store,” Cota said.

Cota began filming the encounter with his cell phone at that point. He asked the woman if he had heard her correctly and she said he had. She then confirmed that she was a manager at the store.

A video of the incident was watched over 5 million times after Cota posted in online. Bath & Body Works reached out to Cota soon thereafter.

The company later confirmed that the woman is no longer working with them.

“A Bath and Body Works employee at the center of a viral video taken at Scottsdale Fashion Square is no longer working for the company after swearing at a customer for wearing a mask supporting President Donald Trump,” reported.

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