Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail, Will Spend Next Year (At Least) Behind Bars

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The alleged “madame” of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring will spend at least the next year in jail, as Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday.

The hearing, which was conducted completely by remote video conference, lasted for about two hours. Maxwell’s defense team was requesting the socialite be released on $5 million bond.

Prosecutors wanted Maxwell held without bail due to the fact that she is an “extraordinary flight risk.”

Maxwell was arrested at a secluded, luxury estate in New Hampshire earlier this month after being on the run for a year. It was previously believed that Maxwell ‘s whereabouts were known to authorities all the while. But during yesterday’s proceedings it was revealed that the FBI was not monitoring Maxwell as closely as was previously believed.

“When the agents approached the front door [of Maxwell’s New Hampshire estate], they caught a glimpse of Maxwell through the window, trying to ‘flee’ rather than answer them. The FBI ultimately forced to ‘breach’ Maxwell’s door to enter and only arrested Maxwell after she was found in an interior room in the house,’ according to the government,” reported Bloomberg.

Maxwell reportedly posed as a journalist when purchasing the New Hampshire estate. An unidentified man, described as a retired British military officer was found with her.

Epstein was arrested last year on multiple charges related to running a sex trafficking operation whereby underage girls were abused by wealthy and powerful men from countries and governments from all over the world. Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell weeks after being arrested, but many suspect foul play was involved.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of helping lure victims into Epstein’s sex ring, was arrested on July 2 in New Hampshire. She has indicated a willingness to cooperate and name names of individuals who were involved in the ring.

Maxwell is facing six charges in all: Four relate to the trafficking ring and stem from events between the years 1994-97 and two relate to allegations of perjury in 2016.

She faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted. Her trial is set to begin in July of next year.

You can watch an in-depth report on Maxwell’s bail hearing by TruNews here.

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