Staffers Rip into Fox News, Aid Hit Piece on Network’s Hosts

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Fox News staffers aided a hit piece against the network and its hosts by making anonymous comments to the left-leaning The Daily Beast. The story was published today

“How hard would it have been to say sorry?” one staffer said to The Daily Beast. “That being said, I’m not surprised.”

The staffer was speaking about host Tucker Carlson. The head writer for his show, Blake Neff, was fired recently for racist remarks made on an anonymous message board.

Carlson addressed the subject on-air, saying Neff’s comments “have no connection to the show.” He then criticized “ghouls beating their chests in triumph” over Neff’s resignation.

That incensed some Fox News staffers. “They created a cell—they created a white supremacist cell inside the top cable network in America, the one that directly influences the president…” one told The Beast.

“This is rank racism excused by Murdoch,” one said.

“What [Fox executives] don’t understand is you had a white supremacist in a very senior position on [Carlson’s] show. That kind of thing doesn’t live in a garden that isn’t fertile,” another one added.

“It’s unbelievable,” said another. “I know you’re supposed to stay silent, but this is intolerable.”

One Fox News staffer who spoke to The Beast also dismissed the network brass’ attempts to downplay a recent monologue by Carlson in which he said Black Lives Matter mobs will “come for you.” The network said Carlson was referring broadly to Democrats.

“Bull. Shit. They have the script written that gives them an out,” a staffer said. “But what the viewers hear is the white supremacist crap. And that crap goes straight to the White House.”

Carlson has the top-rated cable news program in the country.

Some Black employees at Fox were also incensed about a June 29 segment in which Laura Ingraham, in speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement, said, “We will remember those who desert their colors.”

The Beast reported that a Black HR representative said it was used as historical military reference, not a racist phrase.

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