Despite 85% of Mexicans Wearing Masks, Covid19 Cases Soar

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Despite Mexico having one of the strongest mask mandates int the world, Covid19 cases in the country continue to climb.

According to YouGov and Imperial College of London surveys from June 22-28, 85% of people in Mexico wear masks. Yet, positive Covid19 cases continue to increasing at an alarming rate in the country.

The Mexican Health Ministry announced a record number of cases last week with 7,615 confirmed cases in one day. The country has 338,913 total Covid19 cases.

Conversely, countries in Northern Europe have no mask mandates, yet have a very low rate of transmission of the virus, raising questions about the efficacy masks play in slowing the spread of Covid19.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the U.S. coronavirus task force said masks were not necessary at the beginning of the outbreak but then a few months later said state and city governments should be as “forceful as possible” in getting people to wear them.

He has since admitted that the real reason he said masks were not necessary is because he was afraid of a run occurring on supplies.

Photo by Henry Merino

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